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28-06-2007 > Kelly Out Blears In

Hazel BlearsThe top force in planning and development, the Secretary of State for Communities, has been one of the many cabinet posts reshuffled by the new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

26-06-2007 > Unity and Palestra Win RIBA Awards

Palestra LondonA couple of tall buildings are amongst those picked out by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) National and International Awards at their annual get together on the 22nd of June.

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14-06-2007 > The Apprentice Final

The WaveIf you caught the Apprentice on BBC1 last night then you'll know that the school-boyish Simon Ambrose beat Katrina Grimes in the grand final to land a dream job with Alan Sugar.

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06-06-2007 > Major Google Earth Update

Peterborough Cathedral in Google EarthGoogle Earth have done a huge new release of higher resolution images that cover just about all of England.

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04-06-2007 > MSN Introduce 3d Maps

3d New York in Live MapsNot content with having some of the most incredible oblique maps of London and other major places around the world, Microsoft have decided to go one better now and try and truly rival the ubiquitous Google Earth in the 3d desktop mapping department with a revision to their MSN Maps.

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15-05-2007 > Glasgow Pioneers Public 3d Models

Glasgow Urban ModelGlasgow City Council have launched a unique new project - a publicly accessible 3d model that anyone can view.

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29-03-2007 > Richard Rogers Wins Pritzker Prize

Lloyds of LondonRichard Rogers has won this years Pritzker Prize, the architectural equivalent of a Nobel Prize.

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11-12-2006 > Sherlock Holmes Backs Potters Fields Campaign

Potters Fields LondonThe British government in a new idea on transforming democracy (we say this ironically) has introduced online petitions where people can petition the Prime Minister about whatever issue they'd like such as juggling ice-cream.

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23-05-2007 > Politicians Row Over Towers

London SkyscrapersRather incredibly, skyscrapers are shaping up to become one of the looming battlegrounds of next years mayoral elections in London.

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12-04-2007 > Fosters and Rogers... Whats In A Name

Waterside, Paddington BasinIf you're one of the most successful architects in the world and the winner of this years Pritzker Prize what do you do next? Well if you're Richard Rogers you take the unusual step of sticking two fingers up to the starchitect brand of your practise and rename it.

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05-01-2007 > Tower of London Threatened By Cancelled Scraper

No ImageAnother day, another bad press story on tall buildings. The Evening Standard and accompanying Metro Newspaper are infamous for their bloopers but few have been as bad as a sensational piece on the 4th of January about the Tower of London in the free Metro rag.

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13-11-2006 > eBay Not Selling Taipei 101

eBay AdvertYou might have spotted some eBay adverts on this site lately thanks to the ever-powerful Google. One of the more amusing ones claims that "Find Worlds Tallest Building! Buy Worlds Tallest Building on eBay!"

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