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03-11-2006 > Dubai Builds Worlds Tallest Twisting Tower

Infinity Tower DubaiPiling work is well underway on what will be the tallest twisting tower in the world, the Infinity Tower in Dubai.

27-07-2006 > Abu Dhabi Launches The Gate

The Gate and Sky Tower, Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi may play second fiddle right now in the United Arab Emirates to the skyscraper boom of Dubai but all this could be about to change as the Gate project by Sorouh Real Estate begins construction on site.

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21-06-2006 > Bahrain Spins To Worlds First

Bahrain World Trade Centre Manama under constructionBahrain is set to get a world's first, an attempt to show the environmental credentials of the oil-rich island state, in the form of wind turbines erected between two towers at the World Trade Centre in the Bahraini capital of Manama.

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15-06-2006 > Zaha Hadid Dances Onto Dubais Skyline Stage

Business Bay DubaiUK architect, Zaha Hadid, looks like making an impact on the skyline of the rapidly growing city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with her designs for three dancing towers.

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12-06-2006 > Burj Al Alam Has Flowering Launch

Burj Al Alam DubaiWhat is allegedly the largest commercial building in the world, the Burj Al Alam has had an unprecedented take up for the space on offer inside scotching fears by some cynics that Dubai's building boom is seeing plenty of construction but that vast amounts of space remain unfilled.

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23-05-2006 > Dubai To Copy Gold Coast Record Residential

Q1 Gold CoastThey say that imitation is the biggest form of flattery and in Dubai they are literally taking this to new heights with the announcement by Aussie developer the Sunland Group, and Dubai developer Arabtec, that the tallest all residential building in the world will be copied literally block for block apart for the small issue of height.

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09-06-2006 > Istanbul Garden Tower To Spring To Life

Garden Life Tower Istanbul TurkeyGerman architects BRT Architekten of Hamburg have designed a unique egg-shaped tower for Gayrettepe in Istanbul, Turkey. Called the Garden Life Tower after the profusion of greenery in and around it, it will be 44 floors above ground with 8 underground levels.

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16-05-2006 > Huge New Age Complex Visions In Israel

Emuna Eilat Centre for World Peace, Belief and UnityThe Israeli city of Elitat, dubbed by some the Riveria of the Red Sea, could be set to get one of the most unusual tall buildings ever proposed. Emuna Eilat will be a development for "world peace, belief and unity" consisting of a 12 pointed 3 dimensional star - in effect a series of interlocking 5 sided pyramids, the shape the Israelis call a Merkabah.

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