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Farrells Pen New Newcastle Scheme

George Wimpey are developing this new residential block designed by Terry Farrell & Partners on a site called the Ouseburn Gateway overlooking the Tyne in Newcastle.

The site is occupied by one residential block with the effective floor-plan of an equilateral triangle occupying the peninsula that bounds onto the river, and the other an office building in the shape more of an acute triangle to the north. Both buildings have sloping rooflines turning them into what is effectively a couple of prisms. The north block is specifically designed as a pointer aiming towards the Sage and Baltic Centre and to preserve the views from St Lawrence Road.

They are separated by a new public space that cuts generously through the site and fills a large proportion with new landscaping, part of which covers the underground parking and has a restaurant building standing above. There will also be a new promenade constructed to line the River Tyne on the boundaries of the site.

In total the office building will have seven floors of office space and contain about 4,500 square metres of space. It will be clad on the lower plinth levels in reconstituted light stone and red brick on the upper floors that ape the nearby warehouse conversions.

Rising to a height of 36 metres AOD the office building is dwarfed by it's nearby residential partner, 42.15 metres AOD. The prominent location of it on the peninsula acts as a prow to the development visually anchoring it from river-based approaches.

It's triple-sided shape mirrors the three sides of water around it and the aquatic theme is continued with the blue aluminium panels of the building that will reflect the light off the water creating a rippling effect.

The sharp edges are accentuated by the detailing of the inset balconies which act almost as a series of teeth along them and the L shaped windows. Along the roofline, the shape shifts changing the appearance from different viewpoints of what would otherwise be a monolithic block.

These are the first proposals for the site. Previous schemes included the Northern Light Tower but Newcastle Upon Tyne is a notoriously difficult place to get anything of even moderate height through the planning system.

The Ouseburn Gateway does however conform tightly with the council's Unitary Development Plan indicating it might have more luck than the numerous previous proposals for the site.

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