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Squire and Partners Propose New Deptford Towers

Proposals for Creekside Village, a huge new development between the London Boroughs of Lewisham and Greenwich has been submitted to the Mayor of London's office for initial representations.

Creekside Village has been designed by the architects, Squire and Partners for developers Creekside Ltd and Ampurius Nu Homes.

The aesthetics are dominated by three triangularly shaped towers of crystalline glass jutting skywards with their smooth floor to ceiling glazing punctured only by the balconies for residents.

The complicated scheme is made up of two sections (East and West) split into three separate applications, Creekside Village East (Greenwich), Creekside Village East (Lewisham) and Creekside Village West (Greenwich).

The combined Creekside Village East is the largest chunk of the application with four buildings from 10 to 23 floors tall on the site.

There will be 438 apartments within, plus 3,500 square metres of retail and office space for small companies band most significantly, the site is next to the Laban Dance School so 7,491 square metres of space for them to use as exhibition space, dance areas, an archive and other associated uses.

The smaller section of the project is Creekside Village West which will have another 371 apartments, and 9,548 square metres for offices, studio workshops and cultural space. 35% of the total housing on the scheme will be affordable.

Both East and West include plenty of new parking, plus alterations to the existing streetscapes and landscaping to make the area more attractive.

Right now the area is about half a kilometre from the town centre of Greenwich and is a brownfield site that until recently was dominated by industry. Things started to change in Deptford when the Laban Dance Centre relocated there with their critically acclaimed new building and since then a trickle of largely residential proposals have gradually come out including the rebuilt Aragon Tower, Greenwich Reach and the Seager Distillery Tower making it an interesting development hotspot.

These new proposals, designed by Squire and Partners, who coincidentally also worked on the Seager Distillery Tower, will only add more to the feeling of buzz in this area if they actually go-ahead.
Creekside Village Deptford
Creekside Village Deptford