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Libeskind Ahead Of The Curve In Milan Italy

Picking some of the most famed architects in the world, the City of Milan plans to an enormous new complex of towers surrounded by lush landscaped grounds in the Fiero Milano development, a scheme aimed at providing the city with a new commercial centre and desparately needed lungs for the city to breathe.

The three main towers, Torres A, B and C designed by Arata Isozaki, Zaha Hadid, and Daniel Libeskind respectively. The two shorter buildings have been worked on by Pier Paolo Maggiora.

The tallest skyscraper, Torre A at 218 metres and 50 floors is a traditionally shaped block, visually split into horizontal sections with spectacularly sized 50 metre tall struts connecting the sides to ground level.

Contrasting with the conservativism of Torre A are more unusual forms. Torre B, called Il Stroto, will stand at 40 floors and 185 metres and has a twist added to it in the form of a torque of 120 degrees running up the structure. It will be named Il Dritto.

Most spectacularly of all is Torre C, its 32 floors and 170 metres but barely a tower in a traditional sense. Set off a central core is the main structure appearing to curve almost impossibly forwards whilst managing to somehow lean to the side and not fall over looking almost like a sail with the wind blowing into it giving it the rather obvious name of Il Curvo.

The three towers will all overlook a brand new central park that will have a substantial water feature in the form of a river running through it. They will be flanked to the front and back past the greenery by a number of lower rise residential buildings. The two main residential towers have been designed by Maggoria although Libeskind has also contributed to a number of shorter residential buildings and a new museum not to mention the design of the park itself.

Once upon a time Milan used to have the tallest building in Europe, the Pirelli Building. These proposals won't come close to that record but they represent the biggest indication yet Milan has finally found the confidence to build tall 45 years after the Pirelli Building went up and set the pace for years to come.
Fiera Milano redvelopment, Milan Italy
Fiera Milano redvelopment, Milan Italy