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British Firms Design Two Moscow Whoppers

Scottish architecture firm RMJM, infamous for designing the much delayed Scottish Parliament, are twisting with joy that they have won the battle to design a new skyscraper in Moscow.

The Russian capital has big plans including what they hope will be several of Europe's tallest buildings, although this competition winning design won't be one of those at 46 stories this project won't exactly be a tiddler, it should come in at about 200 metres in height.

Called City Palace it has been designed to be shaped like a piece of fuselli pasta. The budget is 120 million and as a suitable spending place for all those petrodollars that are paying for the scheme, it will be topped by a huge ballroom that occupies the entire top floor.

The developer, Alexander Chigirinsky, hopes that although his building wont be the tallest in the cluster it will certainly be the one to stand out the most thanks to the distinctive twisting design it employs.

Perhaps however, he is driven more by competition than just a desire to build property as it is due to be built on plot 3 of Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City".

His brother Shalva, head of the STR Group has two of the plots next door that is the site of the recently announced Russia Tower, a 118 floor skyscraper designed by Norman Foster that has yet to have it's formal name unveiled.

Part of the reason for the lack of a formal name is that official permission has to be given by the Russian government for any building that has the word "Russia" in it's title.

The site is on Plot 17 and 18, and the tower will be 600 metres to tip and 500 metres tall making it after Al Burj Dubai the tallest in the world. Similar in shape to the pyramidal London Bridge Tower the tower is designed on a triangular plan of three arms with thin floor plates only 21 metres wide that will reduce the structure to the minimum allowing it to reach such heights.

The lower floors are set to be offices taking advantage of the largest floor plates whilst the upper floors will be hotel and residential space with full access to a series of sky gardens.

There's no firm date on exactly when either of these buildings will start work on site but what's sure is that the petrodollars that are fuelling Russia's economic boom are leading to a skyscraper one too.
City Palace Moscow
City Palace Moscow
Russia Tower, Moscow
Russia Tower, Moscow