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StockWool Pen More City Fringe Towers

StockWool, formerly Stock Woolstencroft, has designed a collection of new mid-rise residential towers to stand on the Whitechapel Central site on the fringe of the city of London for developer London & Quadrant.

The project is sited on the former Safestore site off amongst other places the famous Sidney Street with Whitechapel Road approximately 150 metres to its north.

The neighbouring streets in this case are highly influential on the design approach taken by the architect with Sidney Street providing the inspiration of a typical London street, and Raven Row giving design cues more like that of a London mews, leading to small scale development along that street with the three tall buildings serving as two central towers and a corner tower.

The proposals consist of three perimeter blocks, A, B and C with block A on the north of the site ranging from 6 to 18 storeys, with 160 new apartments and some office space on the western side of it on the lowest floors. Block B is sited on the south-east with between 4 and 12 storeys, and a total of 246 new apartments. The third block, Block C, is located on the south-eastern portion with building heights running from 4 to 25 storeys equating to a maximum height of exactly 80 metres above ground level. It has 203 new homes, and once again office space on the ground floor.

In the centre of each of the blocks is landscaped space, largely for residents only, although a landscaped north south pedestrian route cuts through the site with a second east west route also connecting to its centre.

The scheme marks the latest in a stream of proposals that have emerged for the area over the past decade with many now complete as developers jump on the bandwagon of new apartment buildings, primarily to house those who work in the City of London and don't want a long commute.
Whitechapel Central, London
Whitechapel Central, London