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Millbank Tower Redevelopment Plans Surface

Millbank Tower, one of the first truly tall buildings in London, and so architecturally important it is a grade II listed structure, could be due a restoration with the conversion to hotel and apartments with a modest height increase.

Millbank Tower was developed by the Vickers manufacturing conglomerate from 1956 until its completion in the early 60s and originally known as Vickers Tower. It was vacated by Vickers in the 80s and renovated to become Millbank Tower, the scene of New Labour's famous election headquarters of 1997.

The new proposals, worked on by John McAslan and Partners feature the podium of the building being converted into a new cultural centre, something that makes sense due to the proximity of the building to galleries like The Tate Britain, the tower itself will be converted from offices to residential apartments although the precise number of these has yet to be set. They could number 200 plus.

Next to the tower and sharing the podium is a second shorter block which will be turned into a luxury hotel with about 200 bedrooms, and a new atrium that the developers hope will respect the existing design enough to be given planning approval.

To get extra space out of the tower, the plan includes the idea of converting the double height top floor to get three extra floors out of it, with the existing plant floor converted too. As the building is listed and protection of it is paramount the developer then intends to take the present plant level and rebuild it on a new level. This will see the height of the tower increased by the equivalent of one floor, although the floor count will go up by four.

On the podium to the east a new floor will be constructed with the hotel atrium running through it. The shorter block will be expanded with three more floors, and again the existing plant level will be moved and sat atop the new floors.

Around the ground level the landscaped areas will be expanded and include a 1.6 acre garden, and a new restaurant overlooking the River Thames. At the top of the tower will be a second restaurant and bar, also with public access.

Developed by Motcomb Estates, the scheme has a long lead in with work on site unable to start before 2019 due to the leases of the buildings occupiers. If this does go ahead it will take between two and three years to complete the redevelopment.

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