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Berlin Plot Finally Set For Tower

Block by block the past two decades have seen Berlin unmistakably transformed into the new capital of Germany with a series of impressive and high quality public and commercial buildings. This trend looks set to continue with the proposals for a new tower to stand next to the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche which was badly damaged in world war two and remains in a semi-ruined state today as a memorial.

The initial plans for what is dubbed Upper West surfaced back in 1994 during the original post reunification masterplan for the city. With a series of proposals since as the architect Christoph Langhof has honed his design, each revision the scheme looks more and more mature.

The latest changes show that the two tone approach to the 118 metre tall tower has been dropped, and in its place will be white cladding with full floor to ceiling glazing panels in between, although despite this change the basics of the project seem have now been established.

Developer, Straberg Real Estate, plan a new two-part office building. There will be a tower with a curvaceous look that will offer 44,000 square metres of office space, with a second low-rise building that perhaps harks back to the days of Bauhaus slotted in between it and the church that will contain a further 9,000 square metres.

This maturation has been aided by the fact that the tenants currently on the site are due to leave in November finally freeing it up for development meaning site demolition could start as soon as early 2013.
Upper West, Berlin
Upper West, Berlin