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Watery HQ For French Fashion Firm In Stockholm

Luxury French firm L'Oreal has been planning a new landmark headquarters in Stockholm that relies more on the design to create a sense of presence than an overbearing height.

The architect of the proposal is Ahmed Elseyofi who has been assisted in the design by IAMZ Design Studio. Together they've come up with a six floor structure that boasts economic square floorplates of 100 square metres exactly that can easily be divided into areas for desks or exhibitions depending on the use of each floor.

The exterior of the building boasts an unusual swirling look. The architect claims there is no direct inspiration for the shape and instead the took a more abstract approach. This involved looking at water and creating marbled swirls in it, and then copying this onto the projecting outer fašade. Behind this will be a complex grille with patterned holes on it that will be set over the fully glazed frontage. This multi-layered approach gives a strong sense of depth to what is in its simplest terms, a slab block.

The end result is a Gaudiesque organic look, but one that follows the fashion ethos that brand name is everything. This unfortunately reduces the design integrity due to the use of overt signage for L'Oreal as if to remind you, should you have forgotten, it's a corporate HQ.
L'Oreal Headquarters, Stockholm
L'Oreal Headquarters, Stockholm