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Hubris Nemesis Catharsis Offers Hope In Athens

With most skyscraper proposals designed to woo the rich and affluent among society it's rare to see a proposal targeted at the more down and out section of society.

Though unlikely ever to come to fruition, especially with the recent collapse of the countries economy one such project has been envisioned for the Greek city of Athens.

Designed by two up and coming Greek architects Marios Tsiliakos and Silena Patsalidou, the 122 metre tall project is interestingly and aptly named Hubris Nemesis Catharsis, the three attributes commonly found in most Greek tragedies.

Located in the Omonoia Square in Athens the project would provide a rehabilitation centre for the junkies, prostitutes, illegal immigrants and other people who have found themselves on the wrong side of the tracks.

The tower, thanks to the materials that would be used has a industrial look about it, almost as if it is pieced together from scrap pieces of other projects to form something of beauty and usefulness in its own right, providing viewers with a visual metaphor for the towers use. Diamondesque in shape, the tower has three sections seemingly suspended by a web of thin metal, angular beams.

Each section bears a name, the bottom one being Hubris which connects to the square at street level and is where first contact with help and support is made. Once established into the programme patients are promoted to the middle level, Nemesis, where patients will reside and receive treatment and help to change their lives for the better, those who adhere to the programme get to progress to the final level. Catharsis at the top of the tower where they will be able to make themselves useful to society once again by working and as a reward have a nice room with a view of the city.

The facades of the tower are constructed from steel and have special perforations which allow natural ventilation and sunlight to flow into and around the tower not just for the people in it but for the many atriums and therapeutic green spaces dotted about providing healthy recreational space for the towers inhabitants.

Although the project will probably never see the light of day it is interesting to see what could be achieved in a tall building when more than money and the environment is considered.
Hubris Nemesis Catharsis, Athens
Hubris Nemesis Catharsis, Athens