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Accras Chiseled Towers

Accra is the capital and largest city of the African country of Ghana, a metropolis with about 4 million people living there. Like most African cities it is sorely lacking modern skyscrapers but it could soon be getting in on the act if new proposals for twin towers get the go ahead creating a visible boost for what is the world's fastest growing economy.

The proposals by Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos feature what would be two identical towers of 40 floors with a height of 160 metres, that is identical if one of the office blocks didn't have the mesh fašade cut away from it looking like someone has chipped away from one corner with a chisel.

That aside the two buildings are regular rectangular skyscrapers with square floor plates that are highly configurable to whatever the market requires. The intention is that if market demand changes during construction the building can continue to progress with the same external appearance, and the inside can be easily reconfigured to adapt to new conditions.

One of the towers will contain office space with the other given over to apartments. There will also be recreational space on the ground floor with a health club, swimming pools and retail outlets at street level. Six floors of basement parking will also be provided.
Accra Twin Towers, Ghana
Accra Twin Towers, Ghana