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Skyscrapers Dock At Port Baku

Enriched by oil and gas revenues, Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan has experienced a massive construction boom, something that shows little indication of slowing down. One of the latest high-rise projects to be rising in the region is called Port Baku, so called partly because it is located near the waterfront of the city.

This project is a collection of office towers up to 32 floors sitting atop a retail mall that is very much aimed at the rich, along with a new residential building offering luxury apartments. To give an idea of the cachet of shopper the mall is pitched at, it will have the Baku Ferrari dealership in it.

The two main towers present multiple aspects to the view depending on where they are located. Viewed from behind within the shopping centre one will see sheer vertical glass walls on one side, but on the other opposing sides the towers bulge out bulbously with convex facades.

Elsewhere the towers are orientated towards some of the main approaches of the site offering a curved vertical vertex that creates a similar effect to New York's Flat Iron building. That said, the tapering upper floors also help defuse the height by reducing the appearance of bulk creating an end result of shiny curving glass that in reality shows strong bluish hues and high reflectivity in the daytime, and incredible transparency at night.

The first phase of Port Baku, which includes the main office towers, is now being built by Pasha construction and nearing completion, whilst the mall that will occupy most of the site is now well underway with a morass of concrete and cranes. The project will be finished in 2013.
Port Baku, Azerbaijan
Port Baku, Azerbaijan