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Say Hello To A New Server

Apologies to our readers over the last couple of days for the downtime we experienced over the previous week. Unfortunately this was unavoidable.

Without going into much depth, the cause of the problem we believe was that our host was simply unable to supply us with what we required - this website gets a lot of traffic and we believe their hard drives were causing something of a bottleneck.

This was never a problem in the past to the point we even managed to have an entire year without any downtime, something I was proud of. Unfortunately things have changed and a once reliable host who we have worked with for four years has ceased to be any longer...

Anyway, to cut a long story short I decided to not only get better hardware but a better host that someone can actually pick up the telephone and talk to and who have excellent customer service. They handled the migration and everything should work. If something doesn't please send us an email as there has to be at least one teething problem doesn't there?

More importantly it has given us a speed boost. A quick test saw the new server score 0.17 (lower is better) compared to 0.60 for Google.com and 1.1 for Apple.com when we measured the speed.

If we do outgrow our hardware this time rather than being forced to migrate to a completely new system we now have a good upgrade path with a system that can be added to so that the inadequacies of poor hardware won't see us down for very long, if at all ever again. What we are running now should be rock solid and hopefully serve us for the next four years.