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InterContinental Aims For Lagos New Tallest

Despite being one of the largest cities in Africa, Lagos is yet to have a single building over 100 metres in height with the current record holder being a mere 83 metres. All of this is changing however with the construction of the new InterContinental in the city.

Developed by the Milan Group, the project features a 22 storey tower of 100 metres in height with 230 normal rooms each coming in at a whopping 42 square metres in size, the equivalent of some one bedroom apartments in London. There will also be superior rooms, 31 suites, with one sub-presidential and one presidential suite topping the tower.

As one would expect from a luxury hotel there will also be a health club with 22 metre long pool, sauna, a new restaurant, complete with views that overlook a waterfall that's seven metres tall, two specialist restaurants, an outdoor garden café, and a bar.

Growth in and around Lagos has become ever more rapid since the country made the transition from military rule towards democracy, something that is also being fueled by oil wealth, and the gradually decreasing corruption in what was once a famously criminal state that is making it an improving venue for foreign investments.

All of this has added up towards Lagos, a city with a current population of over eight million people, becoming a place where there is most definitely the demand for high-rise luxury hotels. With growth as fast as it is the only surprise is the plans are relatively modest for what is one of the world's leading boom towns.
Hotel InterContinental, Lagos
Hotel InterContinental, Lagos