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Spiralling CZWG Tower Approved

CZWG's plans for a tower in the north London borough of Brent have been approved on appeal after councillors rejected the scheme acting against the advice of their own planning officers.

The proposal has been developed by Victoria Hall Limited and is located off North End Road on a site with excellent public transport connections - the Jubilee and Metropolitan lines run almost directly past it towards Wembley Stadium which lies a mere one hundred metres away.

The council had previously rejected plans originally penned by the Peter Tigg Partnership that had their basics maintained by CZWG, but with heavy revisions to update it to the latest requirements.

CZWG in turn had to revise their own proposals stripping out the greyish blue, green and brown aluminium framed cladding they had planned. This has now been replaced by neutral metallic shades and navy blue and a single use of a colour on each face of the building rather than the previous patterning.

The building has a distinctive spiraling shape created by three cascading wings located off a central core with solar panels and rainwater collection integrated into the facade. Originally the shape of the tower was a pure corkscrew until that was value engineered out.

Once built the 20 storey tower will contain 51 apartments and 189 studios giving a total of 445 student bedrooms. This is an area that Victoria Has invested aggressively in.

They are currently constructing the tallest building in Wolverhampton. Designed by O'Connell East Architects, the 25 floor tall tower that will be the tallest pre-fabricated modular steel structure in the world.

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