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Google Earths Major Manhattan Update

The exchange rates for the pound against the dollar have seen some major changes over the past few months with what was two pounds to the dollar now trading at about 1.40 dollars.

The result of this for the average person is to make that trip to New York so much more expensive but don't despair if you cannot afford it because you still can visit the Big Apple in a manner of speaking.

Google Earth's 3d buildings have now been updated with extraordinary detail with the island of Manhattan being the leading example of just where this is going. Although it hasn't been entirely finished yet, hundreds of amateur modelers are going through the process of adding every single individual building with high-resolution textures right down to advertising billboards on the side of buildings.

Other major American cities with areas such as Chicago and downtown San Francisco have also been done giving you a good chance to see just which street it was you left your heart on. One day, no doubt every single building in the world will be featured this way.

Combined with the atmospheric effects and sunlight the result is almost one of photorealism, although each building still needs to cast shadows and for those of us with the computer to run it, anti-aliasing to reduce the jagged edges of each 3d object would not go amiss.

Bare in mind to run it smoothly on a high resolution you'll need a pretty hefty computer and a decent graphics card. Even then it won't exactly recreate a shopping trip down Fifth Avenue but surely it's only a matter of time until Google links in the online store for each of the buildings shops so we can do it virtually without ever leaving the house.
Manhattan in Google Earth
Manhattan in Google Earth