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Make On The Waterside

Rising now in west London is one of the most luxurious residential developments currently under construction.

It's been developed by St James Homes Ltd and pitched clearly at the upper end of the market. This portion of the project sees 103 private apartments and 196 affordable units built in two blocks joined together by a shared ground level podium that rise to ten and twelve floors respectively.

They have been designed by Make Architects who have come up with a distinctive design for the front of the shorter building, Brammah, that at first looks unique with recessed vertical and horizontal slots shaped like tetris tiles standing behind aluminium panels.

There is however a striking resemblance between this patterning and the Hallfield Estate in Bayswater, a now restored council block, but Make have always been a lover of modernism aiming simply to put a high-tech futuristic tilt on it.

Patterning another layer on the aluminium cladding is a piece of public art by Clare Woods who has turned it into a massive canvas with an etched piece aimed at resembling the sunlight that would project through the trees before the site was cleared for development. With branches and shadows outlined although we can't help but think of the silhouette of some scary monster creeping onto the building.

Both buildings are orientated to enjoy maximum views of the nearby River Thames with the shorter one lining the dockside at gound level with a double height colonnaded lower floor that will contain several restaurant or retail outlets.

Green features include rainwater collection to keep the green spaces fertile and CHP plant giving supplementary power to the buildings.

Three blocks are already finished on Grosvenor Waterside and construction is well underway on Brammah. Completion of it should conclude in 2009.

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