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KPF Pen Wharf Tower For News International

Attempting to woo News International to Canary Wharf, the property developer of the same name has had architects KPF draw up new plans that will increase substantially the size of 25 Churchill Place into a major new tower on the eastern end of their estate.

If built the tower will be 124 metres tall and have 24 floors above ground level. This is an increase in height of 49.23 metres on what has been permitted by the original planning approval dating back to the original Enterprise Zone of the late 80s and will see 80,535 square metres of office space constructed.

Although essentially a corporate glass box, KPF has tried to add a design flair to the staid looks by varying the fašade treatments on the four sides of the building with the northern side having no shading, vertical shading on the top of the western side, horizontal shading on the south and the east relying on the core wall for shading.

Each of the buildings four sides are also slightly angled to soften the corners adding angles to what would otherwise be pure rectangular floor-plates and creating vertical highlighting that run up the edges of the structure.

The lowest floors are recessed from the main walls which are supported in front of them by a series of pillars opening the transparent double height lobby up to the outside and in particular the nearby water. This also helps make the space around the base of the tower roomier by intruding under the boundaries of the upper floors.

Whether the Canary Wharf Group succeed in their aims of seducing News International from central London remains to be seen, as does whether the design will be retained if they fail, something we have seen tried before from their past attempts at attracting the now bankrupt Enron with plans for a tower that was dumped following the collapse of the buildings would-be occupier.

Nonetheless, initial preparatory works have been done on site for some time now.

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