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We Are All Newsmen Now

It's an anniversary that came and went with little fanfare but the 17th of January 1998 saw the day that the internet took off as a news source.

The Drudge Report ran a story that newspapers had tried to spike about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office breaking down the gate-keeping position that the mainstream media had over the news.

Despite the age of the internet now upon us and 24 hour blogging, many PRs and publications still work together using the unholy ways of satan to try and control the news as much as they can.

If a website such as Skyscrapernews.com runs a story on a development before they want to, they often get in touch and try to get us to spike the story leading to the question "what's in it for us?" forcing the PR into an uncomfortable decision of whether to back the new media over the old.

Along with many other popular websites we believe the priority is not sticking to a rigid news cycle but trying to get things out as soon as possible relying on old fashioned journalism instead of retyping a press release as much of the mainstream media still insists on doing.

We don't need to live off press releases to run this site as you can see from today's Clapham story that we first covered in March 2007 or the approval of 150 Stratford High Street which we also revealed at the beginning of last year.

When a story does eventually come out in a release months on we will then draw on the background from past giving us additional angles to that of the mainstream media they missed out on which might be why we have 165,000 readers a month via the website, and almost 35,000 subscribers of our news feed.

It might seem obvious these days but ten years ago it was a revolutionary act by Matt Drudge flying the face of the establishment who as a mark of defiance declared "we are all newsmen now". Matt Drudge, we salute you.