Gordon Ingram Associates Daylight and Sunlight Consultant, Rights of Light Consultant
We have 17 projects listed for this firm.

# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1Dollar BayDaylight and Sunlight Consultant1092017Complete
2Bloomberg Place NorthDaylight and Sunlight Consultant412016Under Construction
3Bloomberg Place SouthDaylight and Sunlight Consultant412016Under Construction
4One New LudgateDaylight and Sunlight Consultant412016Complete
5The ApexDaylight and Sunlight Consultant752014Complete
6Westel House HotelDaylight and Sunlight Consultant352014Complete
7145 City Road Office BuildingRights of Light Consultant47 Proposed
8Barts Square Building ADaylight and Sunlight Consultant55 Proposed
9Miles Street NorthDaylight and Sunlight Consultant52 Approved
10Miles Street SouthDaylight and Sunlight Consultant87 Approved
11The Atlas BuildingRights of Light Consultant133 Under Construction
12Two New LudgateDaylight and Sunlight Consultant41 Proposed
13Vauxhall Square EastDaylight and Sunlight Consultant39 Approved
14Vauxhall Square NorthDaylight and Sunlight Consultant168 Approved
15Vauxhall Square SouthDaylight and Sunlight Consultant168 Approved
16Vauxhall Square WestDaylight and Sunlight Consultant37 Approved
17Wendle CourtDaylight and Sunlight Consultant68 Approved