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Bernard Sunley Developer, Main Contractor
We have 21 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1Bellamy HouseMain Contractor461972Complete
2Fenton HouseMain Contractor461972Complete
3Hackworth PointMain Contractor741970Complete
4Mallard PointMain Contractor741970Complete
5Priestman PointMain Contractor741970Complete
6Alkham TowerMain Contractor401968Complete
7Horton TowerMain Contractor401968Complete
8Mellish CourtMain Contractor491967Complete
9Burwash HouseMain Contractor561966Complete
10Queensland HouseMain Contractor611966Complete
11Simla HouseMain Contractor561966Complete
12City TowerDeveloper1071965Complete
13Cobalt SquareDeveloper621965Complete
14Dunedin HouseMain Contractor611965Complete
15Waverton HouseMain Contractor561965Complete
16Westland HouseMain Contractor611965Complete
17Winford HouseMain Contractor561965Complete
18Arlington HouseDeveloper581964Complete
19Jarvis Piccadilly HotelDeveloper491964Complete
20Lyndon houseDeveloper591963Complete
21Crown HouseMain Contractor491962Complete