Wilkinson Eyre Architects Architect, Masterplanning Architect, Renovation Architect
We have 26 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1Aldgate TowerArchitect782014Complete
210 Brock StreetArchitect762013Complete
3The Triton BuildingMasterplanning Architect822013Under Construction
4Brighton Marina TowerArchitect1282011On Hold
5London Bridge Station RedevelopmentArchitect672009Cancelled
6Marina Point EastArchitect432009Complete
7Marina Point WestArchitect552009Complete
8Mediacity Building BArchitect732009Under Construction
9Mediacity Building AArchitect812009Under Construction
10Mediacity Building CArchitect372009Under Construction
11Empress State BuildingRenovation Architect1171961Complete
121 Aldgate PlaceArchitect82 Cancelled
13150 Leadenhall StreetArchitect167 Proposed
14168 Fenchurch StreetArchitect144 Cancelled
152 Aldgate PlaceArchitect78 Cancelled
1620 Blackfriars RoadArchitect200 Cancelled
1720 Blackfriars Road Office TowerArchitect98 Approved
1820 Blackfriars Road Residential TowerArchitect141 Approved
19Arundel Great Court NorthArchitect43 Approved
20Beagle HouseArchitect79 Proposed
21Brighton Marina Block 3Architect47 Cancelled
22Crystal Palace Sculpture ParkArchitect46 Vision
23Houndsditch TowerArchitect200 Cancelled
24Kings Cross Gas Holder TripletArchitect49 Proposed
25River Plate HouseArchitect41 Proposed
26Victoria Transport Interchange Building 8Architect78 Cancelled