Farrells Architect, Masterplanning Architect
We have 56 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1Ambassador Building Core BArchitect492015Complete
2Ambassador Building Core DArchitect432015Complete
3Ambassador Building Core FArchitect582015Complete
4The EagleArchitect812015Complete
5Capital Building Core AArchitect412014Under Construction
6Capital Building Core BArchitect492014Under Construction
714 Pier WalkArchitect422010Complete
810 Triton StreetArchitect432009Complete
920 Triton StreetArchitect472009Complete
106 Mitre PassageArchitect542009Complete
11One Osnaburgh StreetArchitect612009Complete
12Dome Waterfront HotelArchitect1272006Approved
13Green BuildingArchitect402005Complete
14The VisageArchitect482005Complete
15The PointArchitect442002Complete
1615 Westferry CircusArchitect442001Complete
1785 Vauxhall CrossArchitect581995Complete
18Alban GateArchitect821992Complete
19One Embankment PlaceArchitect501991Complete
20Astley TowerArchitect48 Approved
21Cambridge Street Tower AMasterplanning Architect83 Under Construction
22Cambridge Street Tower BMasterplanning Architect63 Under Construction
23Convoys Wharf P04Architect47 Proposed
24Convoys Wharf P05Architect37 Proposed
25Convoys Wharf P06Architect121 Proposed
26Convoys Wharf P14Architect121 Proposed
27Convoys Wharf P16Architect40 Proposed
28Convoys Wharf P18Architect50 Proposed
29Convoys Wharf PO1Architect44 Proposed
30Convoys Wharf PO2Architect155 Proposed
31Convoys Wharf PO3Architect50 Proposed
32Convoys Wharf PO8Architect49 Proposed
33Lots Road Tower 1Architect122 Under Construction
34Lots Road Tower 2Architect85 Approved
35Mill 1 Macintosh VillageArchitect70 Proposed
36Mill 4 Macintosh VillageArchitect70 Proposed
37North Wharf Gardens East BuildingArchitect54 Approved
38North Wharf Gardens North Building N1Architect54 Approved
39North Wharf Gardens North Building N2Architect57 Approved
40North Wharf Gardens South BuildingsArchitect44 Approved
41North Wharf Gardens West BuildingArchitect35 Approved
42Ouseburn Gateway Residential BuildingArchitect39 Proposed
43Samsung Europe HeadquartersArchitect80 Cancelled
44Skylines Village Block AArchitect86 Proposed
45Skylines Village Block BArchitect138 Proposed
46Skylines Village Block B1Architect164 Proposed
47Skylines Village Block CArchitect81 Proposed
48South Kensington Station RedevelopmentArchitect42 Proposed
49Stangate ApartmentsArchitect54 Approved
50West Quay 3 Tower 1Architect76 Vision
51West Quay 3 Tower 2Architect76 Vision
52West Quay 3 Tower 3Architect76 Vision
53Wood Wharf A1Masterplanning Architect204 Proposed
54Wood Wharf A2Masterplanning Architect43 Proposed
55Wood Wharf A3Masterplanning Architect150 Proposed
56Wood Wharf E2Masterplanning Architect112 Proposed