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CCTV has evolved..
Now you can protect your business with the industrys leading Broadcast Quality True (HD) High Definition CCTV surveillance solution. Crime is on the increase, and there is no reason at all to expect that they wont continue to do so. Too often CCTV attracts negative publicity because the shocking reality is that 90% deliver poor quality and often totally worthless images

Until now...
Our High Definition (HD) CCTV provides Live and Recorded CCTV pictures in unparalleled detail - delivering quite simply the Security Industries best image quality by far and providing the finest evidence available - highly detailed images for easy facial and number plate recognition.

HD CCTV system will increase effectiveness and hence value. The instantly visible benefits are proper facial recognition and detailed verification of incidents. The operational benefits include intelligent motion detection and stock monitoring, resulting in increased apprehensions. It will naturally follow that as an organization then becomes more motivated, higher proactive use of HD CCTV further increases effectiveness and value without increasing costs.
Case Study

Leading UK Specialist Food Exporter Secures Facility and Cargo with a HD-CCTV Surveillance System

Formed in 1988 to serve the requirements of supermarkets and airline caterers in the Gulf states, Airberg Ltd. is the United Kingdoms leading specialist exporter of temperature sensitive, short shelf life foodstuffs by air and sea. With an in-depth knowledge of the Middle East including local customs and importing procedures, Airberg conducts close to 75 percent of its business in this region, but also delivers British specialty foods to Embassies, High Commissions, and top hotels around the world. Exporting up to 150 tons or 200,000 worth of goods each week, Airberg re-labels, repackages, and ships merchandise from its 16,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in East Sussex.

The Challenge
To conform to government-regulated security requirements, ensure asset protection, and provide a safe working environment for employees, Airberg needed a state of the art CCTV system able to deliver an image far beyond the realms of standard CCTV systems, without exceeding budget.

The Solution
After evaluating various solutions, Airberg chose North-London based High Definition CCTV LLP to install a new true High Definition CCTV System at its headquarters and neighbouring 15,000 square foot storage facility.

Securing Premises, Assets and Process
HD-CCTV LLP designed and installed a system of Seventeen 3 & 5-Megapixel High Definition CCTV cameras at both the main building and storage facility. Two HD cameras have been installed on the exterior of the buildings at both the North and South sides to monitor the car parking and surrounding area and one at each entrance for complete facial recognition. The remaining HD-CCTV cameras were installed throughout the interior of the buildings for complete coverage of the processing plant and administrative offices. HD-CCTV LLP also installed a number of analogue video encoders to boost the performance of its existing CCTV cameras. Two High Definition network video recorders store continuous HD video from all cameras, and is monitored live by a team of three staff during business hours, and the system is accessible via a secure Internet connection at other times as required.

Client Benefits

Lowered inspection costs

The UK Aviation and Maritime Security Act states that all airfreight consignments must either be screened or originate from a Department for Transport (DfT) accredited 'known shipper' before being loaded onto an aircraft. To become a known shipper, exporters must undergo an annual inspection by the DfT. Cargo from known shippers is considered secure and can be placed on an aircraft without further checks, dramatically expediting the shipping process.

By installing the HD-CCTV System, Airberg has successfully met the security, health, and conformance requirements to be certified as a 'known shipper' and can now ship goods by air more quickly and at a lower costs than before. 'By deploying the HD-CCTV system we have achieved known shipper status, saving us the inconvenience and expense of having our cargo checked every time we ship goods by air,' said Tony Coates, Sales Director and co-owner at Airberg. 'Our cargo can be shipped without delay, which means we can get products into the hands of customers faster'.
Lower operational costs

'We avoid the cost of having our cargo inspected, saving us more than 700,000 annually. The HD-CCTV system has proven to be a major advantage with a direct and profound impact on our bottom line.'

Cost savings of over 700,000.00 - a fantastic Return on Investment for Airberg!

Usable evidence

Airberg can now more quickly and successfully investigate and ultimately prevent incidents of vandalism or robbery by being able to provide police with identifiable and useable evidence. 'Our CCTV captures even the smallest detail, protecting our business from theft and vandalism, minimizing the loss and damage of goods, and helps ensure the safety of our employees.'

HD-CCTV also provides Airberg with the tools required to protect itself from suspicious workplace injury claims and substantiate its own insurance claims, lowering operational costs. 'We now have access to clear video footage to either prove or disprove negligence.' With the superb image clarity and advanced search capabilities, Airberg can pinpoint an incident to clearly determine cause. With indisputable evidence in hand, the Company is now adequately covered to protect itself in the face of suspicious claims. 'Businesses across the UK are dealing with more and more lawsuits claiming workplace injury, which can lead to significant insurance costs,' explained Coates.

A High Definition CCTV Futurre
With its previous analogue-based surveillance system, Airberg was unable to achieve the image clarity necessary to meet security and conformance requirements for airfreight. It was also incapable of providing the local police with evidence needed when incidents did occur. 'We had a situation in which some of our equipment was inexplicably moved during the night,' said Coates. 'When we went back to review the footage with the police, we were told that we needed a better quality system for them to make a positive identification and take action against the criminals.'

In fact, image clarity has proven to be one of the most noteworthy attributes of the HD-CCTV system for Coates and his team. 'We can now see exactly what employees are working on or not and respond accordingly,' said Coates. In some cases, management has been able to act immediately to resolve issues caught on video. The image detail delivered by the HD-CCTV system is so good that Coates can even see the print on the labels being handled by staff from the monitor screen in his office.

Ease-of-use of was another key selling feature for Coates, who manages the system using the powerful HD-CCTV network video management software. 'The control system is simple - a lot more user-friendly than our previous analogue-based surveillance system because it operates in a Windows environment, which is what we are used to'. Coates has been so impressed with the system performance that he has even had HD-CCTV LLP install a system to secure his home. 'We are extremely pleased with the performance, reliability, and scalability of our HD-CCTV. The system does everything the sales team said it would do and more.'

By deploying the High Definition CCTV system, Airberg are heading for greater overall business efficiency and resultant success. On track to meets its ambitious growth targets, Airberg will also expand its facilities and with it the HD-CCTV system to meet growing needs.

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