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CA Claims Ltd are a dual qualified, specialist surveying practice which produce reports for accountants to submit plant and machinery capital allowance claims on behalf of commercial property owners in the UK.

The reports produced maximise capital allowance claims on behalf of clients which can result in either significant future tax reliefs or tax rebates.

Expect your accountant to have applied and maximised your capital allowance claims? Ask yourself, has your building been surveyed, has any one established under current case law what plant and machinery relate to your industry sector. If the answers to these questions are No, then you are missing the opportunity to offset significant capital allowances against your profit and you could be paying too much tax.

If you own a UK based commercial building you are entitled to claim capital allowance tax relief against the plant and machinery contained in these buildings as set out in the 2001 Capital Allowance Act.

This is not a loop hole, capital allowances are there to be legitimately claimed.

This is a specialist area which requires both tax law and building surveying expertise which is why HMRC believe that only 4% of those entitled to make a claim actually do so properly.
CA Claims Ltd works with your accountant to provide the necessary building reports and technical accounting skills to maximise your capital allowance claims to approved HMRC guidelines.

In house knowledge of capital allowance tax law, taxation and building surveying to the highest professional standards is a prerequisite to be in a position to produce solid and defendable capital allowance tax claims.

Through our in house team CA Claims Ltd has the ability to work with your accountant to analyse your tax position, compute the benefits and time scales of making a claim and make sure you comply in all areas with the Tax Authorities to avoid unnecessary investigation or delays.

Do you meet HMRC rules to qualify?

* Is the property classified as commercial (e.g., hotel, office, factory, warehouse, shop etc)?

* Are you as an individual, Ltd company, an LLP or a PLC a UK tax payer?

* The property is not in a pension fund, or has not received a government grant to build or buy.

* The purchase price was at least 150,000

* You have completed a refurbishment of at least 150,000


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