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PLP Architecture Architect, Renovation Architect
We have 24 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
166 Chiltern StreetRenovation Architect542016Under Construction
2Canaletto TowerArchitect962016Complete
3The Francis Crick InstituteArchitect472015Under Construction
41 Page StreetRenovation Architect461965Complete
5First Chicago House Office BuildingArchitect36 Proposed
6First Chicago House Residential BuildingArchitect45 Proposed
7Imperial School of Public HealthArchitect42 Proposed
8Imperial West TowerArchitect105 Proposed
9Ludgate House AArchitect53 Proposed
10Ludgate House BArchitect160 Proposed
11Ludgate House CArchitect68 Proposed
12Sampson House AArchitect58 Proposed
13Sampson House BArchitect108 Proposed
14Sampson House CArchitect91 Proposed
15Sampson House DArchitect56 Proposed
16Technology Transfer BuildingArchitect59 Proposed
17The Goodsyard Block AArchitect59 Proposed
18The Goodsyard Block BArchitect63 Proposed
19The Goodsyard Block C1Architect129 Proposed
20The Goodsyard Block C2Architect116 Proposed
21The Goodsyard Block D1Architect73 Proposed
22The Goodsyard Block FArchitect165 Proposed
23The Goodsyard Block GArchitect153 Proposed
24The Hotel and Residences at Heron PlazaArchitect135 Approved