Foster + Partners Architect, Masterplanning Architect, Renovation Architect
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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1Principal Place Building 1Architect672017Under Construction
2The Corniche Tower 1Architect852017Under Construction
3Bloomberg Place NorthArchitect412016Under Construction
4Bloomberg Place SouthArchitect412016Under Construction
5Scottish Hydro ArenaArchitect362014Under Construction
6Silken HotelArchitect342012Complete
7The PrideArchitect2092012Cancelled
87 More LondonArchitect442010Complete
9The WalbrookArchitect422009Complete
10Azurean BArchitect312008Complete
11Azurean CArchitect342008Complete
12Ellerman HouseArchitect1152008Cancelled
13Fourth Grace FosterArchitect1452008Vision
14Quartermile Residential TowerArchitect342008Complete
15Quartermile Residential TowerArchitect312008Complete
16The Fenchurch Avenue BuildingArchitect422008Complete
17Willis BuildingArchitect1242008Complete
183 Hardman SquareArchitect492007Complete
193 More LondonArchitect442007Complete
204 More LondonArchitect442007Complete
21Wembley StadiumArchitect1332007Complete
221 Bishops SquareArchitect542005Complete
24The SageArchitect412004Complete
251 More LondonArchitect442003Complete
262 More LondonArchitect442003Complete
2730 St Marys AxeArchitect1792003Complete
28Albion RiversideArchitect372003Complete
29One London WallArchitect582003Complete
30HSBC World HeadquartersArchitect1992002Complete
31London City HallArchitect452002Complete
32100 Wood StreetArchitect402000Complete
3333 Canada SquareArchitect1051999Complete
34Sir Alexander Fleming BuildingArchitect401998Complete
35ITN BuildingArchitect351990Complete
36The British Museum Reading RoomRenovation Architect331857Complete
3721 MoorfieldsArchitect52 Approved
3876-86 Fenchurch StreetArchitect77 Cancelled
3976-86 Fenchurch StreetArchitect77 Approved
40Atlantic Quarter Tower 1Architect85 Proposed
41Atlantic Quarter Tower 2Architect61 Proposed
42Atlantic Quarter Tower 3Architect31 Proposed
43Battersea Roof GardensArchitect49 Proposed
44Bishops Place Building 1Architect126 Cancelled
45Bishops Place Building 2Architect42 Cancelled
46Bishops Place Building 3Architect161 Cancelled
47Bishops Place Building 4Architect47 Cancelled
48Capital ViewArchitect85 Cancelled
49City Forum Tower 1Architect155 Proposed
50City Forum Tower 2Architect137 Proposed
51Croydon Gateway Building BR4Architect94 Approved
52Croydon Gateway Office TowerArchitect135 Approved
53Elephant and Castle Main TowerArchitect244 Cancelled
54Hampton House Redevelopment Building 2Architect75 Approved
55Hampton House Redevelopment Building 3Architect40 Approved
56Kings Cross Twin Towers 1Architect180 Cancelled
57Kings Cross Twin Towers 2Architect180 Cancelled
58London Millennium TowerArchitect386 Cancelled
59Millharbour West Building AArchitect, Masterplanning Architect150 Cancelled
60Millharbour West Building DArchitect, Masterplanning Architect108 Cancelled
61Millharbour West Buildings B + CArchitect, Masterplanning Architect121 Cancelled
62Principal Place Building 2Architect161 Approved
63Principal Place Building 3Architect42 Approved
64South Quay PlazaArchitect249 Proposed
65South Quay PlazaArchitect120 Proposed
66Sugar QuayArchitect44 Proposed
67The Arcadia Centre Block FArchitect85 Proposed
68The Broadway LeafArchitect143 Cancelled
69The Leaf Building CArchitect38 Cancelled
70The Leaf Building EArchitect54 Cancelled
71The Selfridges CentreArchitect60 Cancelled
72U2 TowerArchitect180 On Hold
73Wembley StadiumArchitect42 Cancelled