Miller Hare Visualisation Firm
We have 70 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1Dollar BayVisualisation Firm1092017Complete
2Nova NorthVisualisation Firm692016Under Construction
3Nova SouthVisualisation Firm862016Under Construction
4One New LudgateVisualisation Firm412016Complete
512 New Fetter LaneVisualisation Firm592015Under Construction
6The Tower One Tower BridgeVisualisation Firm752015Under Construction
725 Churchill PlaceVisualisation Firm1082014Complete
83 Merchant SquareVisualisation Firm662014Complete
9Five Pancras SquareVisualisation Firm472014Approved
10Hammersmith Grove NorthVisualisation Firm472014Under Construction
11Hammersmith Grove SouthVisualisation Firm392013Complete
12The HeronVisualisation Firm1112013Complete
13Cannon PlaceVisualisation Firm422011Complete
14Drapers GardensVisualisation Firm742009Complete
15Ropemaker PlaceVisualisation Firm952009Complete
16280 BishopsgateVisualisation Firm642001Complete
17New Fetter PlaceVisualisation Firm461976Complete
181 Merchant SquareVisualisation Firm140 Under Construction
191 New Street SquareVisualisation Firm70 Approved
201-3 Canal StreetVisualisation Firm43 Approved
21100 City RoadVisualisation Firm131 Cancelled
22100 City RoadVisualisation Firm71 Under Construction
23100 City Road Block BVisualisation Firm39 Cancelled
24120 MoorgateVisualisation Firm41 Proposed
252 Merchant SquareVisualisation Firm65 Proposed
266 Merchant SquareVisualisation Firm47 Under Construction
2760-70 St Mary AxeVisualisation Firm90 Approved
28Aldgate Place Block BVisualisation Firm81 Approved
29Aldgate Place Block DVisualisation Firm69 Approved
30Aldgate Place Block EVisualisation Firm35 Approved
31Aldgate Place Block FVisualisation Firm78 Approved
32Arrowhead Quay East TowerVisualisation Firm182 Proposed
33Arrowhead Quay West TowerVisualisation Firm169 Proposed
34Beagle HouseVisualisation Firm79 Proposed
35Columbus TowerVisualisation Firm237 Cancelled
36Fleet BuildingVisualisation Firm54 Proposed
37Fleet Street HillVisualisation Firm35 Proposed
38Leman Street HotelVisualisation Firm71 Proposed
39Ludgate House AVisualisation Firm53 Proposed
40Ludgate House BVisualisation Firm160 Proposed
41Ludgate House CVisualisation Firm68 Proposed
42Miles Street NorthVisualisation Firm52 Approved
43Miles Street SouthVisualisation Firm87 Approved
44Millharbour East Building AVisualisation Firm126 Cancelled
45Millharbour East Building CVisualisation Firm92 Cancelled
46Millharbour East Building DVisualisation Firm40 Cancelled
47Millharbour East Building EVisualisation Firm140 Cancelled
48Millharbour West Building AVisualisation Firm150 Cancelled
49Millharbour West Building DVisualisation Firm108 Cancelled
50Millharbour West Buildings B + CVisualisation Firm121 Cancelled
51New BondwayVisualisation Firm169 Proposed
52One Crown PlaceVisualisation Firm114 Proposed
53One Tower Bridge Block 2Visualisation Firm41 Under Construction
54One Tower Bridge Block 3Visualisation Firm41 Under Construction
55One Tower Bridge Block 4Visualisation Firm41 Under Construction
56QuillVisualisation Firm108 Approved
57Sampson House AVisualisation Firm58 Proposed
58Sampson House BVisualisation Firm108 Proposed
59Sampson House CVisualisation Firm91 Proposed
60Sampson House DVisualisation Firm56 Proposed
61The Hotel and Residences at Heron PlazaVisualisation Firm135 Approved
62Two New LudgateVisualisation Firm41 Proposed
63Vauxhall Square EastVisualisation Firm39 Approved
64Vauxhall Square NorthVisualisation Firm168 Approved
65Vauxhall Square SouthVisualisation Firm168 Approved
66Vauxhall Square WestVisualisation Firm37 Approved
67VTI2 Building 5Visualisation Firm54 Approved
68VTI2 Building 6aVisualisation Firm68 Approved
69VTI2 Building 7bVisualisation Firm34 Approved
70Wendle CourtVisualisation Firm68 Approved