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We have 28 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1Novotel London BlackfriarsArchitect442013Complete
3Chancery PlaceArchitect602008Complete
412 Arthur StreetArchitect412004Complete
543-46 Blackfriars RoadArchitect75 Proposed
6Allegro Block AArchitect36 Approved
7Allegro Block CArchitect59 Approved
8Allegro Block EArchitect55 Approved
9AvidArchitect43 Proposed
10AxisArchitect68 Cancelled
11Brown Brothers BuildingArchitect52 Pre Planning
12Clancy Barracks HotelArchitect46 Approved
13Fore Street Telephone ExchangeArchitect56 Approved
14Galleon QuayArchitect54 Cancelled
15Glencairn Residential TowerArchitect52 Approved
16Little Donegall StreetArchitect37 Proposed
17Ocean Village HotelArchitect40 Proposed
18Pillo HotelArchitect65 Approved
19Sandyford TowerArchitect73 Proposed
20Smithfield MarketArchitect43 Complete
21St Georges Gate Building BArchitect52 Complete
22St Georges Gate Building CArchitect76 Proposed
23Stratum Building AArchitect113 Proposed
24Stratum Building BArchitect70 Proposed
25The Arcadia Centre Block CArchitect42 Proposed
26The Arcadia Centre Block DArchitect41 Proposed
27The Arcadia Centre Block EArchitect41 Proposed
28The WaveArchitect38 Proposed