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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Architect, Masterplanning Architect
We have 66 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1360 LondonArchitect1452018Approved
2TFL BuildingArchitect552018Under Construction
3Cancer Centre At GuysArchitect712016Under Construction
4Merano ResidencesArchitect852016Under Construction
5Riverlight 1Architect612015Complete
6Riverlight 3Architect562015Under Construction
7The Leadenhall BuildingArchitect2242014Complete
8Lea Hotel TowerArchitect1632012Vision
9Lea Residential TowerArchitect1632012Vision
10NEO Bankside Pavilion CArchitect832012Complete
11NEO Bankside Pavilion AArchitect452011Complete
12NEO Bankside Pavilion BArchitect642011Complete
13NEO Bankside Pavilion DArchitect452011Complete
14One Hyde ParkArchitect492010Complete
15Fourth Grace 1 RogersArchitect912008Vision
16Fourth Grace 2 RogersArchitect612008Vision
17Heathrow Airport Terminal 5Architect392008Complete
18Heathrow Air Traffic Control TowerArchitect872007Complete
19K2 St Katherines DockArchitect332004Complete
21Lloyds Register of Shipping BuildingArchitect581999Complete
22Millennium DomeArchitect951999Complete
2488 Wood StreetArchitect751998Complete
25Channel 4 Television HeadquartersArchitect371994Complete
26Reuters Technical Services CentreArchitect521992Complete
27Lloyds BuildingArchitect881986Complete
284 BroadgateArchitect92 Cancelled
29Berkeley HotelArchitect31 Approved
30Building 7 Chiswick Business ParkArchitect, Masterplanning Architect50 Under Construction
31Centre For Social SciencesArchitect63 Proposed
32Chelsea Barracks Block JArchitect36 Proposed
33City Park GateArchitect60 Cancelled
34Convoys Wharf Tower 1Architect116 Cancelled
35Convoys Wharf Tower 2Architect91 Cancelled
36Convoys Wharf Tower 3Architect72 Cancelled
37Grand Union Building (scheme A)Architect164 Cancelled
38Grand Union Building (scheme B)Architect132 Cancelled
39Grand Union ResidentialArchitect60 Approved
40Heron Quays WestArchitect197 Approved
41Heron Quays West Tower 1Architect214 Vision
42Heron Quays West Tower 2Architect155 Vision
43Riverside South 1Architect235 On Hold
44Riverside South 2Architect74 On Hold
45Riverside South 3Architect189 On Hold
46Tideway Wharf Building AArchitect37 Under Construction
47Tideway Wharf Building BArchitect37 Proposed
48Tideway Wharf Building CArchitect43 Proposed
49Tideway Wharf Building DArchitect50 Proposed
50Wembley Plot E01Architect85 Approved
51Wembley Plot W03Architect85 Approved
52Wood Wharf W01Architect121 Proposed
53Wood Wharf W04Architect129 Proposed
54Wood Wharf W05Architect108 Proposed
55Wood Wharf W06Architect187 Proposed
56Wood Wharf W07AArchitect128 Proposed
57Wood Wharf W07BArchitect200 Proposed
58Wood Wharf W07CArchitect154 Proposed
59Wood Wharf W08Architect118 Proposed
60Wood Wharf W09Architect63 Proposed
61Woolston Riverside Block F3Architect42 Approved
62Woolston Riverside Block F4Architect80 Approved
63Woolston Riverside Block G2Architect40 Approved
64Woolston Riverside Block G3Architect67 Approved
65Woolston Riverside Block H1Architect40 Approved
66Woolston Riverside Block H2Architect53 Approved