DP9 Planning Consultant
We have 102 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1Dollar BayPlanning Consultant1092017Complete
2Principal Place Building 1Planning Consultant672017Under Construction
360 Commercial RoadPlanning Consultant592016Under Construction
4Bloomberg Place NorthPlanning Consultant412016Under Construction
5Bloomberg Place SouthPlanning Consultant412016Under Construction
6One New LudgatePlanning Consultant412016Complete
712 New Fetter LanePlanning Consultant592015Under Construction
8Parliament HousePlanning Consultant722015Complete
925 Churchill PlacePlanning Consultant1082014Complete
103 Merchant SquarePlanning Consultant662014Complete
115 BroadgatePlanning Consultant692014Under Construction
126 Bevis MarksPlanning Consultant722014Complete
138-10 MoorgatePlanning Consultant362014Complete
14AltitudePlanning Consultant802014Complete
15Ontario PointPlanning Consultant782013Complete
16Park Vista TowerPlanning Consultant662013Complete
17The PridePlanning Consultant2092012Cancelled
18Vertex TowerPlanning Consultant562012Complete
19Aquatics CentrePlanning Consultant432011Complete
20Creekside Village West Block CPlanning Consultant412011Complete
21Creekside Village West Block DPlanning Consultant412011Approved
2225 Churchill PlacePlanning Consultant1242010Cancelled
235 Merchant SquarePlanning Consultant632010Complete
24Milton CourtPlanning Consultant1402010Cancelled
25One New ChangePlanning Consultant342010Complete
26StrataPlanning Consultant1472010Complete
2710 Triton StreetPlanning Consultant432009Complete
2820 Triton StreetPlanning Consultant472009Complete
29The WalbrookPlanning Consultant422009Complete
30201 BishopsgatePlanning Consultant632008Complete
31Broadgate TowerPlanning Consultant1642008Complete
32Bow Bells HousePlanning Consultant382007Complete
33Riverbank Park Plaza HotelPlanning Consultant592005Approved
341 Aldgate PlacePlanning Consultant82 Cancelled
351 Merchant SquarePlanning Consultant140 Under Construction
36100 CheapsidePlanning Consultant39 Under Construction
37100 West Cromwell RoadPlanning Consultant81 Proposed
38128-150 Blackfriars RoadPlanning Consultant85 Proposed
39185 Park Street Building 1Planning Consultant70 Proposed
40185 Park Street Building 2Planning Consultant51 Proposed
41185 Park Street Building 3Planning Consultant39 Proposed
422 Aldgate PlacePlanning Consultant78 Cancelled
432 Merchant SquarePlanning Consultant65 Proposed
4420 Blackfriars Road Office TowerPlanning Consultant98 Approved
4520 Blackfriars Road Residential TowerPlanning Consultant141 Approved
46200 Great Dover StreetPlanning Consultant50 Proposed
476 Merchant SquarePlanning Consultant47 Under Construction
4860-70 St Mary AxePlanning Consultant90 Approved
49Barts Square Building APlanning Consultant55 Proposed
50Beagle HousePlanning Consultant79 Proposed
51Bevis Marks HousePlanning Consultant74 Proposed
52Bishops Place Building 1Planning Consultant126 Cancelled
53Bishops Place Building 2Planning Consultant42 Cancelled
54Bishops Place Building 4Planning Consultant47 Cancelled
55Canary Riverside Phase 3Planning Consultant75 Cancelled
56City University Building APlanning Consultant50 Proposed
57City University Building BPlanning Consultant45 Proposed
58Copeland School RedevelopmentPlanning Consultant87 Approved
59Creekside Village East Block 1Planning Consultant31 Approved
60Creekside Village East Block 2Planning Consultant70 Approved
61Creekside Village East Block 3Planning Consultant55 Approved
62Creekside Village East Block 4Planning Consultant43 Approved
63Dexion HousePlanning Consultant50 Approved
64East India Dock Road Block APlanning Consultant94 Cancelled
65East India Dock Road Block BPlanning Consultant54 Cancelled
66East India Dock Road Block EPlanning Consultant34 Cancelled
67East India Dock Road Block FPlanning Consultant42 Cancelled
68East India Dock Road Block GPlanning Consultant52 Cancelled
69East India Dock Road Block IPlanning Consultant92 Cancelled
70Fleetbank HousePlanning Consultant53 Proposed
71Fore Street Telephone ExchangePlanning Consultant56 Approved
72Great Eastern Quays Plot CPlanning Consultant40 Proposed
73Heron Quays WestPlanning Consultant197 Approved
74Hoola EastPlanning Consultant73 Under Construction
75Hoola WestPlanning Consultant72 Under Construction
76Millharbour East Building APlanning Consultant126 Cancelled
77Millharbour East Building CPlanning Consultant92 Cancelled
78Millharbour East Building DPlanning Consultant40 Cancelled
79Millharbour East Building EPlanning Consultant140 Cancelled
80Millharbour West Building APlanning Consultant150 Cancelled
81Millharbour West Building DPlanning Consultant108 Cancelled
82Millharbour West Buildings B + CPlanning Consultant121 Cancelled
83New BondwayPlanning Consultant169 Proposed
84NewfoundlandPlanning Consultant139 Cancelled
85NewfoundlandPlanning Consultant212 Under Construction
86Nine Elms Parkside TowerPlanning Consultant70 Approved
87One Crown PlacePlanning Consultant114 Proposed
88One Farringdon RoadPlanning Consultant42 Approved
89Principal Place Building 2Planning Consultant161 Approved
90Principal Place Building 3Planning Consultant42 Approved
91Riverside South 1Planning Consultant235 On Hold
92Riverside South 2Planning Consultant74 On Hold
93Riverside South 3Planning Consultant189 On Hold
94South Point East TowerPlanning Consultant40 Approved
95South Point West TowerPlanning Consultant43 Approved
96Surrey Quays Leisure Park Block G15Planning Consultant49 Proposed
97The Broadway LeafPlanning Consultant143 Cancelled
98The Leaf Building EPlanning Consultant54 Cancelled
99Trinity OnePlanning Consultant65 Cancelled
100Trinity ThreePlanning Consultant99 Cancelled
101Trinity TwoPlanning Consultant54 Cancelled
102Two New LudgatePlanning Consultant41 Proposed