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We have 74 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1Ambassador Building Core BDeveloper492015Complete
2Ambassador Building Core DDeveloper432015Complete
3Ambassador Building Core FDeveloper582015Complete
4Baltimore TowerDeveloper1492015Under Construction
5Building H Orchard PlaceDeveloper592014Approved
6Capital Building Core ADeveloper412014Under Construction
7Capital Building Core BDeveloper492014Under Construction
8Providence TowerDeveloper1362014Under Construction
9Park Vista TowerDeveloper662013Complete
10Two SnowhillDeveloper752011On Hold
11Phoenix Heights EastDeveloper692010Complete
12Phoenix Heights WestDeveloper572010Complete
13Arrowhead QuayDeveloper1132009On Hold
14One SnowhillDeveloper572009Complete
15Pan Peninsula West TowerDeveloper1212009Complete
16New Providence Wharf HotelDeveloper372008Complete
17Ontario Tower New Providence WharfDeveloper1042008Complete
18Pan Peninsula TowerDeveloper1472008Complete
19The Michigan BuildingDeveloper582004Complete
201 Millharbour (37 floor development)Developer196 Cancelled
211 Millharbour (scheme A)Developer139 Cancelled
22Arrowhead Quay East TowerDeveloper182 Proposed
23Arrowhead Quay Office (scheme B)Developer65 Cancelled
24Arrowhead Quay Residential (scheme B)Developer111 Cancelled
25Arrowhead Quay West TowerDeveloper169 Proposed
26Baltimore Wharf Building 7Developer53 Under Construction
27Baltimore Wharf Building 8Developer60 Under Construction
28Baltimore Wharf Building 9Developer57 Under Construction
29Baltimore Wharf TowerDeveloper131 Cancelled
30Building A Orchard PlaceDeveloper58 Under Construction
31Building B Orchard PlaceDeveloper73 Under Construction
32Building C Orchard PlaceDeveloper79 Under Construction
33Building D Orchard PlaceDeveloper76 Approved
34Building F Orchard PlaceDeveloper52 Proposed
35Building G Orchard PlaceDeveloper63 Proposed
36Building H Orchard PlaceDeveloper55 Cancelled
37Building I Orchard PlaceDeveloper47 Proposed
38Building K Orchard PlaceDeveloper44 Proposed
39Building M Orchard PlaceDeveloper63 Proposed
40Carmen StreetDeveloper77 Proposed
41Castle BuildingDeveloper66 Proposed
42Central Station Tower 1Developer133 Cancelled
43Crossharbour Building 1 (design 1)Developer170 Cancelled
44Crossharbour Phase 2 Building 8Developer68 Approved
45Crossharbour Phase 2 Building 9Developer49 Approved
46Crossharbour Tower 1Developer110 Cancelled
47Crossharbour Tower 2Developer96 Cancelled
48Crossharbour Tower 3Developer81 Cancelled
49Crossharbour Tower 4Developer157 Cancelled
50Crossharbour Tower 5Developer96 Cancelled
51Crossharbour Tower 6Developer63 Cancelled
52Curved Bar Building New Providence WharfDeveloper38 Proposed
53Hercules BuildingDeveloper74 Proposed
54Inacity Tower 2Developer55 On Hold
55Latitude HouseDeveloper49 Under Construction
56No 2 Snow Hill PlazaDeveloper50 Cancelled
57Office Block New Providence WharfDeveloper66 Approved
58Orchard Place South Building BDeveloper100 Proposed
59Orchard Place South Building CDeveloper34 Proposed
60Orchard Place South Building DDeveloper55 Proposed
61Orchard Place South Building FDeveloper72 Proposed
62Orchard Place South Building LDeveloper38 Proposed
63Piccadilly TowerDeveloper188 On Hold
64Snow Hill Hotel TowerDeveloper82 On Hold
65Snow Hill Residential TowerDeveloper138 On Hold
66The Goodsyard Block ADeveloper59 Proposed
67The Goodsyard Block BDeveloper63 Proposed
68The Goodsyard Block C1Developer129 Proposed
69The Goodsyard Block C2Developer116 Proposed
70The Goodsyard Block D1Developer73 Proposed
71The Goodsyard Block FDeveloper165 Proposed
72The Goodsyard Block GDeveloper153 Proposed
73U2 TowerDeveloper180 On Hold
74Union BuildingDeveloper85 Proposed