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British Waterways Developer
We have 14 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
1259 City Road Phase 1Developer492012Complete
2Edinburgh QuayDeveloper462005Complete
3Hayes WharfDeveloper362005Complete
4Falkirk WheelDeveloper352002Complete
5Wood Wharf W01Developer121 Proposed
6Wood Wharf W02Developer181 Proposed
7Wood Wharf W04Developer129 Proposed
8Wood Wharf W05Developer108 Proposed
9Wood Wharf W06Developer187 Proposed
10Wood Wharf W07ADeveloper128 Proposed
11Wood Wharf W07BDeveloper200 Proposed
12Wood Wharf W07CDeveloper154 Proposed
13Wood Wharf W08Developer118 Proposed
14Wood Wharf W09Developer63 Proposed