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James Newman

James Newman, Site Publisher.
As well as publishing Skyscrapernews.com, James is the site editor for London. He is a successful freelance journalist writing generally on property and architecture with a specific interest in tall buildings and also works as a consultant for various companies. In his spare time James can be found skulking around cathedrals with a camera or killing things online.

  Local Editors
Neil Woodhouse Neil Woodhouse, Birmingham.
Living in Birmingham, Neil is a planning consultant. He also a published writer and public speaker who specialises in tall building projects for numerous clients. When he's not working Neil can be found hiking and mountain climbing. Aged 22, he previously ran the popular Birmingham High-Rise website.
Chris Wilkinson, Manchester.
Living in Manchester, Chris is a 19 year old planning student at Manchester University who has always been interested in tall buildings, architecture and photography. A prolific illustrator of skyscrapers, he is a fan of all things Soviet, and if the USSR were still around today would join the KGB.
Robert Stubbs

Robert Stubbs, Leeds.
Robert has a wide diversity of interests which includes urban design progress and issues on both a local and international level, primarily focusing on the Leeds area. Robert is a Project Manager in building services and has worked on many prestigious projects including Harrods and T5.

Andrew Shaw Andrew Shaw, Wales / Newcastle.
22 years old and a planning consultant, Andrew edits the Welsh cities on Skyscrapernews.com and also deals with Newcastle. He recently spent 8 months exploring the Orient and China in the hope of finding the perfect Chow Mein.
Paolo Felicetti
As a recent graduate of the Royal College Of Art, Paolo has designed everything from packaging for Leica cameras to dresses for Balenciaga, whilst running his own design label. He is a keen writer and commentator on all things architectural and cultural. Originally from Liverpool, Paolo is currently based in London and has lived and worked in Rome, New York, Paris and Berlin.
Rachel White
Aged 28 and living in Cambridgeshire, Rachel writes largely on international stories for Skyscrapernews.com. When she's not busy slaving away she can be found avidly reading the latest conspiracy theories on the sinking of the Titanic or trying to create the ultimate in curry sauce.