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18-05-2011 > Heron Tower Tour

Heron Tower, LondonIt's been eleven years in the making but Heron Tower is finally open for business, and with this auspicious event Peter Ferrari, managing director of property development at Heron International, gave us a tour of the building, the tallest in the city of London.

25-03-2011 > Ardmore Chatham Quays Interview

Chatham MaritimeHigh-rise dockside development has been a central part of what has underpinned the regeneration of Britain's maritime heritage over the past three decades. One such place is Chatham Maritime, on the site of the former Royal Naval Dockyard in Chatham.

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04-02-2011 > Jason Hawkes Interview

Chrysler Building, New York CityJason Hawkes is one of the leading aerial photographers when it comes to urbanity in the world. He's got a series of successful books, a sponsorship deal with Nikon, and is about as close to famous as someone in his profession can be. We caught up with him to have a chat about just how, and why, he has taken to hanging out of a helicopter with a camera.

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17-02-2009 > Darling Associates Iylo Interview

IYLO, CroydonSome people call Croydon London's third skyline but for years there's been little development of it. Recently this has all changed and now one of the new generation of towers going up is Iylo designed by Darling Associates Architecture. Gareth Watkins of Darling Associates tells us more about the project.

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01-01-2009 > 2008 International Round Up

Full Moon Bay, BakuAs we welcome in 2009, that means it's time to look back at 2008, a year that gave us a selection of great projects as well as more than a few disappointments and what has been dubbed "the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression".

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10-07-2008 > Atkins Skylon Interview

Skylon on the South BankWith proposals for Skylon now seemingly becoming more and more concrete with each passing day, Skyscrapernews had a chat with Hayden Nuttall of Atkins (WS) who is leading the engineering side of the attempts to rebuild this historic structure.

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19-05-2008 > Willis Building Opens Its Doors

The Willis BuildingIt was over 30 years ago that Norman Foster in one of the earliest commissions for his self-titled design firm penned the now famous headquarters for Willis Faber and Dumas in Ipswich.

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10-12-2007 > Nord Projekt AS Interview

Meeli Truu of Nord Projekt ASTallinn, the capital of Estonia, might not seem like the the sort of place you'd associate with skyscrapers but since the collapse of the Iron Curtain changes have been rapid. James Newman caught up with architect Meeli Truu of the firm Nord Projekt AS, designer of Tallinn's tallest buildings, the 117 and 113 metre tall Tornimae Towers, to find out more about the recently completed scheme and the changes in architecture since Estonia left the Soviet block.

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29-09-2008 > Aedas Bothwell Plaza Interview

Bothwell Plaza, GlasgowOne of the largest projects on the go in Glasgow right now is a massive redevelopment of Bothwell Plaza by Aedas, the scale of which is almost unprecedented outside of London.

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09-07-2008 > Arups New Fitzrovia Headquarters

Fitzrovia 2+3Standing in the heart of the West End is the gleaming new headquarters for engineering and construction giant Arup, a complex of buildings called Fitzrovia 1,2 and 3 which take their name from the local neighbourhood.

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25-04-2008 > Any Colour You Like

ICONAIt's colourful enough to be have been noticed ever since the rainbow of glass panels went on the balconies but now ICONA in Stratford is finally completed with the architects, Stock Woolstencroft, handing over the development so it can be opened.

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06-11-2007 > A-CERO Interview

Nebula in DubaiA-CERO are the first Spanish architect firm to make the big time in Dubai with their winning design for Nebula. We caught up with their lead architect and managing partner, Joaquin Torres Verez, who told James Newman a little more about the evolution of the project and their work as a practise.

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