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13-03-2008 > Day 2 Of the MIPIM From Woods Bagot

The Russia TowerThe story no MIPIM attendee can escape is the Russian Property Boom. Our Eastern neighbours are very conspicuous on the streets of Cannes, with vast advertising hoardings and a huge amount of exhibition space. In fact it is a fairly regular occurrence to overhear "Have you seen the Russians?" at various stages throughout MIPIM's long days and longer nights.

12-03-2008 > Day 1 Of the MIPIM From Woods Bagot

Croydon has ambitious ideasLooking back on the first day of MIPIM and the calm after the storm... Cannes woke to its usual sunshine after a day of rain and wind yesterday, and it started slowly as if the attendees were almost surprised it was going ahead following London's tempest.

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11-03-2008 > Welcome to our Blogs

No ImageWelcome to the latest of the changes on skyscrapernews, the imaginatively entitled blogs.skyscrapernews.com.

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14-01-2008 > 4 Trillion Pounds

Suburban HousingLast Friday it was announced that the total value of the housing stock in the United Kingdom was a massive 4 trillion, a total accumulated by adding together the values of every single one of approximately 23 million habitable residences in the country.

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07-01-2008 > Fall Out Boy

No ImageWhat was that hurtling past the window? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a 37 year old Ecuadorian window cleaner!

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10-11-2006 > Government Grant Secures Affordable Housing

No ImageAs the average house price rises and rises above that of the income of a first time buyer, almost any first time buyer, the need for affordable housing grows.

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06-11-2007 > Man Lifts Lid On Toilet House

Haewoojae the toilet houseWe have all been in the state where all you can do is hug the toilet, but very few of us have loved it to the point of wanting to live in one...until now that is. Flush with cash Singapore businessman, Sim Jae-"Toilet" Duck has decided to build his very own toilet shaped house.

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18-10-2006 > A Visit To North Korea

Pyongang Skyline Ryugyong Hotel centreNorth Korea isn't usually the sort of place you'd associate with tall buildings, particularly with the strutting soldiers and missile launchers image you see on the news but the capital, Pyongyang, is certainly somewhere to surprise you if you have preconceptions about the "axis of evil".

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