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27-10-2006 > Shard Not Cancelled

No ImageThe new Murdoch free rag that's handed out around London named by the "I cant believe it's not butter" school of thought called The London Paper has a nice headline screaming about how "Tower only weeks from danger list".Apart from a sensational spin, the article has some interesting bloopers that really take some beating.

24-10-2006 > Glasgow Tower Block Splattered By Sony

Glasgow Tower Block Splattered By SonyIn one of the most talked about adverts of the moment, Sony have a new range of Bravia televisions to sell and they thought they'd communicate the abilities it has to render colour an unusual way by subverting a traditional demolition and covering the empty Queen's Court block and neighbouring terrace at Toryglen in Glasgow in oodles of multi-coloured paint.

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25-09-2006 > Webcam Run Down

No ImageThere are plenty of construction sites around the country with tall buildings currently going up, so many you've probably missed them and even if you haven't the chances are pretty small you will have visited them regularly.

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08-09-2006 > Birmingham BT Tower is 40

No ImageHappy birthday to Birmingham's tallest building, the BT Tower is 40 today.

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08-08-2006 > Londoners Lost Without Landmarks

Removed London Landmark Picture 1A survey by Construction Skills has found that many Londoners would be lost without the landmarks that they use to navigate with - a revelation that won't have surprised any drinker who has stumbled confused through the streets of Soho until salvation is spotted in the form of Centre Point.

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11-07-2006 > Royal Mail Releases New Architecture Stamps

The collection of six Royal Mail architecture stampsProof that the British architecture scene has never been cooler has been stamped out in authority by that most unlikely of bodies, the Royal Mail.

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13-06-2006 > Is Londons Ugliest Building Really The Gherkin

London's ugliest building?A poll on BBC London on the most ugly buildings in the capital has controversially included in it's finalists 30 St Mary's Axe, popularly known by Londoners as the Gherkin.

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23-05-2006 > Britains First NIMBY Exposed

No ImageDocuments going on show at the Darlington National Rail Museum have revealed the first ever NIMBY who complained in the early 1820s about the construction of a nearby railway.

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31-07-2006 > Discovery Makes Leadenhall Boob

Discovery Channel Leadenhall BoobThe mainstream media frequently makes a boob when it comes to tall buildings. Classics have included an Evening Standard journalist misreading a press release and adding both Royal London Hospital towers together as one and running a story on a 200 metre tall hospital for the East End, not to mention a local Council news site managing to somehow confuse the Minerva Tower with London Bridge Tower complete with the wrong pictures and facts for each.

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06-07-2006 > Prescotts Dome Headache

The Millennium DomeThe media are going nuts again about John Prescott and this time the sale and possible conversion of the Dome into a venue for gambling and general sin. American tycoon Philip Anschutz is a highly moral man, a right wing American christian who doesn't believe in gay marriage but will happily make a buck out of gambling and owns the big ranch Prescott visited.

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09-06-2006 > Rochdale Planners Get Hard On Email Censorship

No ImageRochdale Council have gotten into a bit of a tizz thanks to their email censor-ware. Local government is very into protecting it's employees from any rudeness and preserving their innocence and no more so than at the planning department in Rochdale where the little ones have to be protected.

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18-02-2005 > Maglevs Go Back To The Future

Rendering of the Transrapid networkCampaigners have called on the transport secretary to consider a 300mph maglev link joining the north and sound of the U.K together as part of his feasibility study for a new highspeed train network.

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