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18-02-2010 > Whats Powering Chinas Skyscraper Boom

No ImageOver the past couple of years we've written a lot about China and its seemingly endless stream of skyscrapers that are sprouting up. There's plenty of growth there, industrialisation is happening, the population is moving from the countryside to the city but is that all? What else is behind China's skyscraper boom?

04-01-2010 > Burj Dubai To Open

The completed Burj DubaiToday the Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building, opens in a lavish celebration in Dubai amidst financial turbulence that almost consumed the Emirate.

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22-12-2009 > RIP Downfallen

Oxygen You Can SeeYesterday I lost a friend. A lot of people did. His name was Darren but you probably knew him as Downfallen.

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27-10-2009 > Perhaps Not Such A Piffling Tower After All

2012 Olympic Monument, LondonA lot has been written in the press over the last couple of days about what is as yet an unproposed 2012 monument championed by London's mayor, Boris Johnson to stand on the Olympic site.

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24-09-2009 > Keeping The Roof Up

Lincoln CathedralRecently English Heritage has gone through a number of fights to try and stop skyscrapers in London, the latest of which concluded only a matter of weeks ago over Doon Street Tower.

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14-04-2009 > Chinas Boom Leaves Dubai Eating Dust

Shenzen's main commercial centreThe Dubai skyscraper dream may be going pop now, but it was never really the biggest or most spectacular one in the world despite the PR saying otherwise.

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20-01-2009 > English Heritage Win Battle Of Gravesend

Gravesend Heritage Quarter, KentA council press statement today confirms that the tower landmark building for Gravesend Heritage Quarter has been scrapped, and just to pile the injury on to the regeneration of the area it seems the original alternative 14-storey wedge building has also been abandoned.

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19-11-2008 > NIMBYs Attack Arcadia Centre

The Arcadia Centre, EalingDespite the radical changes made to the Ealing Broadway Leaf that will see it transformed entirely, some people still aren't happy.

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18-08-2009 > Tall Building Construction And UK Growth

Construction vs GDPI read an interesting article on the BBC news website yesterday talking about various indicators of economic recovery and how people perceive construction cranes to be one of them? Is this true though? Does the construction of buildings with tower cranes really relate to the economic growth of the country?

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09-02-2009 > Skyscrapernews 2008 Development Index Results

The City of LondonIf you've watched the news any time in the last year or so you would think the property sector, and tall buildings in general are heading towards depression and economic armageddon. The reality though is somewhat more nuanced.

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08-12-2008 > Every Render Tells A Story

How things WON'T lookPicture for a second you're a NIMBY organization and there's a new local development you oppose. How are you going to go about it?

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31-10-2008 > They Are The Village Green Preservation Society

The village-like Old Street roundabout and the site100 City Road has been approved, and as expected there are howls of disgust from the local newspaper, the Islington Tribune. It's a perfect NIMBY A-Z on how to try and smear a development without ever looking past a few narrow prejudices and just the sort of thing that would make Ray Davies write a song, or perhaps even an entire concept album.

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