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Here's some site stats on the site up to the 1st of January 2007

The Skyscrapernews.com news database is 280,509 words in total or 556 pages of A4 without any paragraphing printed at arial size 10 if printed.

In 2006 127,133 words were written in our news section. That’s 251 pages of A4, again without paragraphing at arial size 10.

Pride and Prejudice is 121,596 words in total.

We have 686 news articles in total in our database. This is more than any other skyscraper site in the world. 299 were added in 2006.

Skyscrapernews.com has 4,969 buildings in its database over 35 metres tall or 10 floors, all in the U.K and Ireland. This is larger than any other website.

In 2006 we had 693,270 visitors, served 5,066,522 pages and scored 32,077,571 hits.

1,051 people emailed us directly, up from 615 in 2005.

Our most popular building is the Beetham Tower in Manchester. This is followed by the Broadgate Tower, Bishopsgate Tower, Eastgate Tower and then rather oddly, the Empress State Building. Others in the top ten are the Lumiere, London Bridge Tower, Pan Peninsula, the Willis Building and 20 Fenchurch Street.