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29-10-2006 > Chinese City Builds Huge Lamp Skyscraper

Century Giant Lamp Tower Guhzen ChinaOne of the most bizarre skyscraper projects ever is being constructed in the city of Zhongshan, China.

18-10-2006 > A Visit To North Korea

Pyongang Skyline Ryugyong Hotel centreNorth Korea isn't usually the sort of place you'd associate with tall buildings, particularly with the strutting soldiers and missile launchers image you see on the news but the capital, Pyongyang, is certainly somewhere to surprise you if you have preconceptions about the "axis of evil".

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06-10-2006 > Nanjing Plans Unique Super Tall

Hands of Peace / Jinling Fuguang Nanjing ChinaIt's not often you see a unique skyscraper design these days, what with gherkins and turning torsos becoming ten-a-penny around the world but this design for the Chinese city of Nanjing might just pull it off.

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18-09-2006 > A Look At Koolhaas New Chinese TV Plans

China Central Television Station and Headquarters, Beijing, ChinaAn incredible design by Rem Koolhaas and his firm OMA, the China Central Television Headquarters in the Chinese capital of Beijing, is now well under construction.

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10-08-2006 > Islamabad Pakistan Begins Centaurus Work

Centaurus Hotel Islamabad PakistanConstruction work has begun on the Centaurus Hotel in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, that has been nicknamed "the ski jump" by locals thanks to its unique profile.

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18-07-2006 > Malaysias Petronas To Be Joined By New Twins

Four Seasons Centre Kuala Lumpur MalaysiaThe Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur could be due to get a second set of twin towers piercing the skyline. Developed by Venus Assets and designed by NRY Architects the development will be contain over 200,000 square metres of gross space within.

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27-06-2006 > Singapore Marina Bay Sails Into Sight

The Sail At Marina Bay SingaporeTwo huge new skyscrapers are planned for the island city state of Singapore in South East Asia. The Sail at Marina Bay will be a twin tower complex of 245 metres and 215 metres with 70 and 63 floors respectively, the taller will be the joint fifth tallest building in Singapore.

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06-06-2006 > Emaar Transport Chunk Of Dubai To Pakistan

Crescent Bay, Karachi PakistanA splash of Dubai's skyscraper and landscaped seaside paradise stand a good chance of making a big impact in Pakistan with the announcement that Emaar, one of the largest UAE property developers is due to invest $18 billion U.S in a new development.

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03-08-2006 > Chongqing China Cements Fastest Growing Title

New Chongqing CBDChina is famous as a big country with such an insane level of development going on that no-one, probably not even the Chinese government themselves, have any idea of just how much is happening there.

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14-07-2006 > New Hong Kong Supertall Under Construction

One Island East Hong KongA new 70 floor office skyscraper is underway in the former British colony of Hong Kong, the One Island Estate Center. Originally planned to be a mere 36 floors, the ambitious developer Swire Properties Ltd had the development substantially jacked up in height and redesigned by architect Wong & Ouyang.

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07-06-2006 > Two New Supertalls For Shenzen China

FengLong Centre Project 1 Shenzen ChinaPlans have come out for two new super-tall mixed use skyscrapers in the Chinese city of Shenzen at the FengLong Centre.

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31-05-2006 > Incheon South Korea New Supertalls Vision

Incheon Tower, Incheon, KoreaPlans are afoot to build what could be the tallest skyscraper in North East Asia, a massive twin 151 floor residential building in the economic development zone of Incheon, South Korea. Developer, American based Portman Holdings, have signed an initial document of understanding with the local Incheon government to develop the scheme as the centrepiece of an $11 billion US project.

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