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New Supertall Unveiled In Dubai

Dubai might be famed for its skyscrapers but visitors to the city will tell you that much of it remains empty dust-covered lots. One of these could soon see a supertall proposal, one of the first since the 2008 financial crash that has seen the previously growing skyline reach a state of stasis.

The Al Wasl Tower has been planned to overlook Sheik Zayed Road, the main thoroughfare for the city which is already lined with skyscrapers along some parts of it although this particular stretch has yet to see any high density development with the site itself vacant, and adjacent sites as little more than car parks.

The project has been designed to be mixed use in nature, effectively a self-contained vertical city. Indoor greenery will be provided in the form of vertical gardens, whilst there will also be a Light Museum dedicated to the history of light showing off the art and technology used to generate it from fire to modern LEDs.

Running up the side of the tower will be the world's tallest ceramic facade, a sensible choice for a skyscraper in the desert as it has excellent solar shading properties that will help improve the energy efficiency of the building.

The precise height of the project is unknown but it is clearly taller at this stage than the Al Hikma Tower that rises to a lofty 282 metres making it likely this one will be between 300-330 metres. There's no word either on when development will start, but the scheme has been officially launched with Sheik Mohammad of Dubai in attendance showing that it has a modicum of government support.
Al Wasl Tower, Dubai
Al Wasl Tower, Dubai