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Beacon Sets Chicago Spire Competition Alight

Remember the Chicago Spire? It was to be one of the tallest buildings in the world, but never got further than being a titanic hole in the ground. Well now a series of six competition entries have surfaced that offer various visions for the site.

Of these only one, the Chicago Beacon, actually utilitises the existing foundations creating a cylindrical 390 metre tall supertall above them.

Designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz, the narrowly tapering residential tower seems to owe more than its fair share to 30 St Mary Axe in London, better known as the Gherkin. It's dominated by a diagrid structure and cladding, but also has a spiraling facade with outer highly reflective glass spiraling around the inner facade.

The base, although boasting a diagrid structure, will feature heavily planted gardens that anchor the project into the ground. This is a building that takes the gardening a step further even with the intention that residents will even be able to grow their own food making the tower not just a living space, but a massive urban farm.

Interestingly, for a high-rise site, this is the only one of the six competition entries to actually propose a skyscraper with others having more esoteric ideas including in one case something that will simply be a bird garden.
Chicago Beacon, Chicago
Chicago Beacon, Chicago