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Construction Starts On Chinas Fourth Tallest

The Chinese property developer, Greenland, has begun construction on what will be the tallest skyscraper in south-western China in the city of Chengdu.

Designed by supertall specialists Smith + Gill, the 468 metre tall building has been designed to accommodate a mixture of grade A office space, a hotel, and shopping mall in the form of an attached six storey podium building.

120,000 square metres of office space will be situated in the lower part of the tower where the floors are largest, with a 51,000 square metre luxury hotel in the middle and at the top where the space is at a premium there will be 42,000 square metres of executive hosting space.

Drawing its architectural inspiration from the mountains that dominate the countryside around Chengdu and which are one of the world's more unlikely whiskey producing areas, the tower features a complicated collection of angled ridges with the crystaline appearance further emphasised at night when the ridges will feature LEDs that will make the edges of the facade shimmer like ice. At ground level a massive canopy encompasses part of the pedestrian approach to the tower with the glazed of a glacier.

The extreme height of the tower is further justified philosophically by the desire to connect heaven and earth through the design. Once built it will be the fourth tallest in the entire country.
Greenland Tower, Chengdu
Greenland Tower, Chengdu