The Magnificent Seven

Dubbed the Magnificent Seven, and supposedly from the pens of Atkins, this seven tower project for the Chinese city of Hefei promises to be topped out by one of the tallest buildings in the world, a skyscraper of over half a kilometre in height.

The scheme features a lake around which the towers are arranged in a semi circular layout. Each of the buildings rises higher than the last one with Tower 6 being 55 floors, Rower 5 reaching 64 floors, Tower 4 at 77 floors, Tower 3 rising to 85 floors, Tower 2 rising to 95 floors and topping out with Tower 1 at 121 floors. The heights of the three tallest towers are rumoured to be a minimum of 500 metres, 350 metres and 300 metres respectively although the Chinese press is reporting that the largest will now be 550 metres tall.

When the scheme first surfaced it was assumed that the project was purely a concept for the Baoneng Binhu Centre, but the groundbreaking ceremony for the scheme was carried out on the 29th of June. The public were invited not just to watch synchronised diggers churn up the site, but also an exhibition of the project that shows models of the seven towers arranged around the lakeside.

The project will be mixed used with office buildings, a five star hotel, a boutique hotel, new apartments, with 328,000 square metres of space and a cost of 2.4 billion yuan.
Baoneng Binhu Centre, Hefei
Baoneng Binhu Centre, Hefei