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Construction Begins On Super Slender Condo

Construction work has begun on what will be the tallest condo tower in New York City.

111 West 57th Street has been designed by ShoP Architects and aimed at the very upper end of the market in Manhattan. So small is the tower compared to its neighbours that each floor will accommodate its own 500 square metre apartment. The feeling of spaciousness will be enhanced by the ceilings that will be about 5 metres tall.

Contributing to the appearance of slenderness is not only the extreme height of the building at 427 metres, but the very small footprint that is only about 18 metres wide. This will produce a height to width ratio well in excess of 20 times making it one of the most slender buildings in the world.

As such this means that the building needs to be stabilised, not just by the external structural frame but also with the use of a tuned mass damper that is to be fitted in the top of the tower. This will reduce the harmonic vibrations by counteracting them. At the same time it will help improve the comfort of residents by reducing any potential swaying that the building could do in the wind - without this damper fitted in high winds the top could easily wobble by a foot.

The project is expected to be completed by 2018.
111 West 57 Street, New York
111 West 57 Street, New York