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Curvaceous New Beijing Tower From Henn

Simple, curvaceous, two words that describe a new 300 metre tall tower for the Chinese capital of Beijing designed by international architecture and design consultancy, Henn.

Planned for the Z8 plot in the Beijing central business district with a width of roughly 45 metres by 45 metres, the curvaceous looking tower manages to nonetheless have a constant square floor plate for office use despite its external appearance that has been modelled to utilise the curves, in part, for improved solar shading. They also help to optimise the external shape of the tower by making it more aerodynamic and reducing structural loads.

The building utilises a concrete core, but also relies on the perimeter to give it further cross-structural strength. This double structure helps provide the stability needed for a 300 metre tall building in an earthquake zone like Beijing and makes it less likely that outriggers will have to be fitted substantially shortening construction time.

At ground level in an attempt to sow the project into the CDB, there are several different entrances with the southern approach connecting it to the passing street, whilst the western approach is adjoining an urban park.
Z8, Beijing
Z8, Beijing