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Star View Offers Swimming In The Sky

Bangkok these days seems to have a constant stream of skyscrapers coming online that offer condominium living for Thailand's burgeoning middle-class. One of the latest of these to begin construction is the twin tower development of Star View.

Sited on the southern part of Bangkok's central business district, the design features towers of 44 and 54 floors in height standing above a large landscaped garden of some 8,000 square metres that will be open to residents.

What makes the building stand out from its less noticeable neighbours is what at first glance appears to be a huge canopy on the top of the shorter tower shooting out and connecting with its taller neighbour. This canopy is in fact a swimming pool that will be lined by trees and create a luxurious leisure setting for residents to enjoy in the sky. It cuts through the taller tower with a void above it giving the poolside clearance as well as connecting to a lobby.

So that the super rich don't have to mingle with the middle class, the penthouses have their own private lift shafts whilst some thought has also gone into the environmental credentials of the scheme. Perhaps the most apparent is the manner by which the lift foyer connects with the atrium creating a stack chimney effect to help cool the buildings.

Given the scale of the towers, they have exceptionally deep foundations with piles of a 55-metre depth, but this reflects the nature of the geology in Bangkok and is by no means the deepest foundations - these can be found at the Baiyoke Sky Tower running to a depth of 65 metres.

Star View is due to be completed in August 2015.
Star View, Bangkok
Star View, Bangkok