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Hassells Moonlight Tower

Hassell Studio has designed a sleak new skyscraper for the Hengqin International Finance Centre development in the city of Zhuhai.

Zhuhai is one of the special economic zones that were set up in the 1980s as part of the initial programme of economic liberalisation for China, in this case to try and cash in on the nearby then-Portuguese colony of Macau. These days however the proximity to that gambling centre has made it more of a tourist resort than a hyper-industrialised city like Shenzhen.

This mixed-use supertall tower has been designed with an aerodynamic look that isn't simply aesthetic but also a structural requirement. This area of the coastline gets buffeted by seasonal typhoon winds, and so the shape of the tower and the direction in which it is angled has been penned to reduce the structural loads placed on it.

The two main uses of the building, office and residential, are visually delineated. The lower part of the tower contains offices and boasts more regular floorplates whilst further a u-shaped indentation appears that allows for the apartments to have triple aspect views. With dense development for the area planned in the future, this also creates some space between the apartments and a future building that will stand alongside.

As with many leading Chinese projects this supertall draws inspiration from a part of older Chinese culture. In this case Hassell has conceptualised what they have dubbed a "Moonlight Tower". With this in mind the schemes atrium is designed to glow softly at night replicating lunar illumination.

If built the scheme will be 330 metres tall. It is being developed by Zhuhai Shizimen CBD Holdings.
Moonlight Tower, Zhuhai
Moonlight Tower, Zhuhai