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RMJMs Shenyang Megatall Entry

Award winning Scottish architecture practise, RMJM, has submitted a competition entry for a new megatall skyscraper in the Chinese city of Shenyang that once complete is intended by the local authorities to be by far the tallest building in the city.

The aerodynamically shaped project is led by a 518 metre tall tower with approximately 92 storeys that is connected by a shared podium to a second shorter tower that will also be a supertall of about 66 floors. The scheme is designed to host a mixture of different uses including, offices, residential, hotel and retail space.

One particular highlight of the scheme is the way that the outer fašade of the main tower has effectively been sliced open creating an atrium supported by a complex web of crossbracing that finally expands massively near the top of the tower into a roof garden large enough to accommodate mature trees.

In addition to this entry, three other firms have also designed proposals. They are Pelli Clarke Pelli, Aedas and SCUT. Meanwhile, enthusiasm for the scheme is such that work has already begun to clear the site even though there is no publicly announced winner.
Baoneng Shenyang Super Highrise
Baoneng Shenyang Super Highrise